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Whole Bunch of New Stuffs

Whole Bunch of New Stuffs published on No Comments on Whole Bunch of New Stuffs

Whole Bunch of New Stuffs

Whole Bunch of New Stuffs published on No Comments on Whole Bunch of New Stuffs
First off, let me thank you; I mean, THANK YOU, for all the positive responses for the LSD:DE fan comic. LSD is a close second favorite game I’ve ever played in my life (first being Tong-Nou of course) and I am ecstatic to be able to meet other fans of this game, both in the comments and on tumblr.

Now for the updates:

  • INFO+MISC page now has a pretty header!
  • I was organizing my DA page and found out I forgot to upload few of my 2009 – 2010 images on my ARTWORKS page, so if you haven’t seen them before, they’re mixed in there somewhere.
  • The site’s main header is updated! Now it fits with the overall style, and most importantly, I got to trash the boring, flat, placer header. Happiness.
  • LSD:DEFC MAIN PAGE is available for the public, for archiving and introduction for the new readers. I wrote a mini review of the game and posted a bunch of links to check out if you’re not familiar with the game YET. Come on, lets make this fandom bigger!
  • HIDDEN IN ICE page is now available as well! Same goes with LSD:DEFC, it’s not completely finished, so I’ll be working on that slowly and surely.
  • New links! Including a new affiliate webcomic series; ERA OF ERRORS! Really cool art style, intriguing characters, you should check it out!

*Psst!* Come back on the 14th! I’m going to be posting some nostalgia bombs if you’re interested! AND if you’re not spending time with your significant other doing love bird things!

Also I’ll be posting the pages I have so far, for the series-forever-going-in-and-out-of-Hiatus, You’re Not Alone on the 15th. Nothing is new expect it’s slightly bigger in size? But if you’ve been following me on DA or Manga Magazine, you’ve seen them before.

Then on the 16th, I’ll be posting my 4 page rough comic I submitted to Shounen Jump, and a 3 page comic I worked on a while back for shits and giggles.

I’ve also been taking a break from the ask-box replies on tumblr and I sincerely apologize for that. I’ll get them posted as soon as possible.

As usual, minor updates are posted on TWITTER, and all of VF and YNA posts are announced on exclusively on Twitter this time to save spamming and re-posts. The only ones I’m planning on posting on Tumblr will be the 3 page extra FYI.

Thank you for visiting! Till next time.
Sweet dreams,

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