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Current Updates

Current Updates published on No Comments on Current Updates

2nd page of LSD:DE Longing the Sibilant Dream has been posted, and not much is happening. Still building the building blocks!

Here are the updates I made on this site this past week:

  • Added the Sketchbook page, including the whole collection of the “Ib” art challenge I was posting daily on Tumblr, and silly doodles made during interactive doodle sessions of my LiveStream. Also with a bunch of my roughs and fail-tastic doodles.
  • Adjusted the thumbnail sizes.
  • Share-on-Social-Networks buttons are customized.
  • Default comment avatar is customized with the Blackbox Apple logo.
  • Downloadable banners and buttons for your taking.
  • Some information is added. Nothing biggie, and I’ll be changing it around quite a bit.
  • Dessin section is added with my refrenced realistic-ish works.
  • Posted some of my interests and hobbies on my profile.

That’s all I can remember.  I’ll be posting the minor updates on the site I made via Twitter, so go right on ahead and follow me or you can check them on my sidebar. I’ll go back fanatically screaming my heart out with excitement about the Pokemon X & Y announcement.

Thank you for your visit! Till next time.
Sweet dreams,