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Happy New Year and the Not-So-Grand Opening!

Happy New Year and the Not-So-Grand Opening! published on No Comments on Happy New Year and the Not-So-Grand Opening!

This page, this cell used in the header couldn’t be more fitting. Welcome to the new official site for I, Sires Jan Black. I’ve been spending weeks trying to figure out WordPress and ComicPress/Comic Easel. My history with websites have been me posting and commenting manually that all of this php thing is completely new. The maximum level of CSS knowledge I have is probably Lv.40 at a 100 Lv. cap. Not to mention that I don’t know the provided code from inside-out, since I didn’t write it from scratch, forcing me to take even extra time decoding first before tweaking the details.

So, not realizing how time consuming this would be, I haven’t finished every section of this site… I’d say I haven’t even started to scratch the surface yet so there’s more holes than there is an actual structure. But I couldn’t wait to start posting my LSD:DE Fan Comic on January 1st. It couldn’t be on any other date! It series will be posted a page per week on every Tuesday.

Hopefully I can work more on the actual site and understand these damn codes in-between those updates. I’ll be posting the minor updates on the site I made via Twitter, and I’ll post a summery on what’s new every week until it’s done. Until then, please enjoy what I have up so far, and, you get to witness the slow changes of the site as I work on it. Yay?

Thank you for your visit!
Sweet dreams,