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LSD:DE-FC PART1 Longing the Sibilant Dream Pg08
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Did you know there’s a guy who created a webcomic called “Era of Errors”?
In his links page he got your webcomic there ready to click on it, hehe. :D

I love the style you are doing with this. The story is very interesting and you do very good at filling in the “story-gaps” the game leaves open.
There’s one question I have about the story…
Will you only do the scenery and objects of the game? Or will you create your own landscapes and crazy stuff?

Why of course! We exchanged links and keeping in touch! :D

Aw man thanks for liking the fragment of anything resembling a story I managed to weave in in only 8 pages. I think that’s a good sign! And nope, even when he’s awake, he lives in “Planetokio” from another game from OSD. I try to render the objects as I see it when I play it so I hope it’ll be unique/new in its own way. Also I’m thinking about drawing the non-lucid dreams, like the movie dreams and the text dreams too. I’m also throwing in hints from the book, “Lovely Sweet Dream” texts as well. Not all, but they’re fun easter eggs to hide. The human characters and forcing sense to things are my only contribution.

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