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LSD:DE-FC PART1 Longing the Sibilant Dream Pg11
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Dude, awesome work! will there be some way to buy this comic in a print copy one day? i’m just wondering because you’ve already got my money in your wallet XD

(AWESOME username btw) Thank you! I really appreciate how highly you value this and I couldn’t be gladder to be working on this comic!

Though currently I have no plans having it printed and sold since I see this more of my personal side-project, letting my LSD fan craze vent off. Also I’m working on this without the permission of OSD and Osamu Sato so I feel guilty. Also this fandom lacks fan contributions hard core so I want to prevent anything that limits accessibility. Though I am planning on making hand-made prints to hand out for free at conventions, so maybe if you’re lucky you’ll be able to get a printed version. Otherwise, if you feel much more comfortable reading it on paper, I don’t discourage people to print anything off of my site so feel free to do so!

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