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Recent Projects

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  • Illustration commissions for a Pathfinder DnD group for each of the players.
  • They went through vigorous reviews and edits to make them look as perfect as they can on the slightest of details. Challenging but extremely fun.


  • Illustration commission of HYANNAH’s character to be printed on a tapestry.
  • It was great fun working with the commissioner since it was a special birthday gift. Love taking jobs like these!


  • Sleek and straightforward was the request for MistaWolfie’s standard and circular business card designs.


  • Business card and homepage and social media website header design for writer Jaron Aubrey T.
  • She gave me a color scheme to work with and integrated her favorite animal, and the moon and stars are based on her tattoos to personalize everything about it to be about her.


  • Profile illustration for RedPop_. It’s always incredibly fun & challenging to render a visual to render to magnet for his channel & social media presence.
  • Designed to work with square & circular cropping.
  • Simple enough silhouette to stand out when it’s in smaller dimensions without colors.


  • Branding graphics for twitch streamer, Matt Snow.
  • His request was to make it look “bad-ass” theme from the reference photos.
  • He wanted to use the logo to be overlapping on the stream footage so I made it dim so it’s not too distracting, yet eye-catching enough.



  • Customized paintings on white urns the requestor provided for me to paint the unfortunately deceased cat’s fur patterns but to fit the base urns style.


  • Second profile caricature requested by Sangdi. She wanted to have her makeup to be enhanced in the painting, and I wanted to have a vibrant BG to draw attention.


  • A caricature and fan art piece as a gift for his girlfriend. He requested it to be in the Senran Kagura inspired art style to be used.


  • Profile caricature requested by Sangdi. I enjoyed working on all the details. The BGs are designed to pop out in smaller profile icons to be used in social media websites.


  • Profile image for HoboSonic. He is an army veteran and I was honored to draw his treasured uniform and it’s ALWAYS a pleasure to draw firearms for any reason and he definitely wanted it to look good and hopefully, I delivered.


  • Artist (page composition, inking, colorist) for the webcomic series Era of Errors. I stepped down from this project for multiple reasons but I appreciate the writer for the experience.


  • Caricature and fan art illustration request as a birthday gift from girlfriend to her eeveelution fan boyfriend.
  • She wanted it to be happy and cheerful, so I imagined a sunny park with all the eevees having different personalities.

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