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Terms and Conditions

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⯀ UPDATED 07.30.18 ⯀

By commissioning creative services through BlackBox513 Studio and pseud Sires Jan Black, you agree to the following terms and conditions. The individual, Sires Jan Black, producing the commissioned freelance service referred to as “artist,” and the individual purchasing the service referred to as the “client” from here on out.

⯀ By requesting service, clients also agree to the listed conditions on the commissioning process steps.

⯀ The artist reserves the right to refuse a commission for no explanation. However, the power to cancel service will be only on the client’s side after the first monetary transaction occurs.

⯀ If the artist has to cancel the commission due to unforeseen circumstances, the artist will refund the full paid amount for the project. The remaining or unfinished project remains the property of the artist.

⯀ If the client is unable to pay for or receive the commission due to unforeseen circumstances, or the artist determines that the client is impossible to work with even after given reasonable warnings due to the commission contract will be terminated from that point, and the artist will NOT refund any paid amount for the project. The remaining or unfinished project remains the property of the artist.

⯀ Rights of the characters, caricatures, and settings for fan art commissions belong to the original rights holder and the artist have no responsibility.

⯀ Rights of the characters and settings for the client’s original characters, caricatures, and settings belong to the client. The artist must credit the client with every use of the artwork. No projects can be claimed as the client work, including submitting the project to publishers and contests as the client and client’s property.

⯀ Rights to the artwork itself belong to the artist for free use for public and web posting for advertisement and portfolio purposes (such as online and print promotional banners and posters, part of a collective artbook) though, does not have the right to profit off of the artwork as individual pieces (such as selling prints) not related to mentioned uses. The client must credit the artwork with the artist’s name “Sires Jan Black” or username “EvilApple513” or the website “” with any use of the artwork other than non-commercial, non-promotional, non-online personal uses.

⯀ The client acknowledges that the artist may use short excerpts of the comic commissions for promotional purposes under Fair Use. Otherwise, the artist must not publish the unaltered comic as a whole online or print without permission from the client.

All determinations regarding the above terms and conditions are solely those of Blackbox513 Studio and Sires Jan Black, and all decisions of the artists are final.

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