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Terms and Conditions

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This agreement is entered into on the date entered below, between the undersigned henceforth known as “the Contributor,” and Peppermint Monster Press, henceforth known as “the Publisher,” as represented by Sarah Benkin. The Contributor will work with the Publisher on the creation of a sequential story to be published in the Then It Was Dark anthology. Publication is estimated to be January 2015.

The Contributor will produce the number of sequential pages between two and ten to determined upon receipt of the script according to the following specifications:

• Pages are to be in grayscale, with a live area of 6.25 x 9.75 and a full bleed area of 7×10.5.
• The files should be 300 dpi, TIFF or PDF.
• The Contributor also will produce at least one page of process work, (roughs, sketches, etc) a minimum of 800×800 pixels in size, submitted as 300 dpi TIFF or PDF.

These pages will be based on a script submitted by a writer. The Contributor agrees to work with the writer previously assigned to them by the Publisher. Should there be a disagreement between the Contributor and their assigned writer, both parties acknowledge the Publisher’s authority to settle it.

The Contributor will submit final art, process work, pencils or any other art to the shared Then It Was Dark Google Drive folder. Contributors are encouraged but not required to submit pencils to the Google Drive folder for approval before continuing to final inks.

In signing this contract, the Contributor cedes to the Publisher exclusive first worldwide rights to the submitted work for six months following the date of publication of Then It Was Dark, as well as nonexclusive worldwide reprint rights in perpetuity. During the six month period after Then It Was Dark is first printed the Contributor will be permitted to share the work in part, but not in whole, on their portfolio site, tumblr and other social media/internet outlets. After the six month period has ended, the Contributor will be able publish the work as he or she pleases, in part or in full, online or in print, for free or for profit.

The Contributor acknowledges that the Publisher may use short excerpts of the work for promotional purposes or under Fair Use. Otherwise, the Publisher will not alter the Contributor’s work once the final pages have been approved.

Finished pages are due October 1, 2014. The Contributor should receive the finished script by July 10th, 2014. If the script is not received by the Contributor by that date and as a result they are unable to meet the above deadline, they will be automatically granted an extension equal to the time after October 1st, 2014 that they received the script.
A Contributor who is unable to meet this deadline for any other reason may attempt to negotiate a new one, but the Publisher is under no obligation to provide a new deadline. If the Contributor does not produce work of a quality sufficient for publication by this deadline, the Publisher is not obligated to publish. Should the Publisher determine that it is necessary to terminate this contract the Contributor will receive a kill fee equal to payment for any work that has been completed as well as 20% of the unfinished work the Contributor was originally slated to produce. If the Contributor fails to produce finished work by the contracted deadline without receiving a new one agreed to by the Publisher by November 1, 2014, he or she forfeits all payment.

All determinations in regard to the above paragraph are solely those of Peppermint Monster Press and Sarah Benkin, and all of the Publisher’s decisions are final.

Pay for each finished sequential page is $35, to be divided between the writer/artist team. Unless noted below, payment will be divided between writer and artist at a 3/1 split. (Artist receives $26.25, writer receives $8.75). Any other division of payment must be agreed upon by both writer and artist.

The Contributor acknowledges that the work is to be part of a collected anthology, and that the intellectual property/nonexclusive reprint rights retained apply to the individual Contributor’s work only, not to the work of any other Contributor.

Contributors do not have the right to print copies of the anthology themselves, only their contribution. They do have the perpetual right to purchase copies of Then It Was Dark from the Publisher for the purpose of resale at a cost of 50% of the cover price, plus shipping and handling, whenever copies are available for sale.

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