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This Week’s Update!

This Week’s Update! published on No Comments on This Week’s Update!
3rd page of LSD:DE Longing the Sibilant Dream has been posted, and ohhhh myyyyyy just look at those lazily drawn BGs! One of my main focus was to practice BGs to no end so I can reach to a professional level by the end of this comic, and this makes it far less likely. I must try harder next page!

Here are the updates I made on this site this past week:

  • Pretty new background!
  • Added a brief introduction and some FAQ’s on my INFO+MISC page.
  • On my Profile section, I added quite a few of my interests and hobbies so have fun finding something we have in common!
  • I frequently receive how long I’ve been drawing or how old I am. No need to wonder anymore now that I’ve posted a timeline of my art career.
  • Posted the links to the webcomics I support. Hope you all have some good reads while you wait for my updates. I’m adding more links to useful tutorials and blogs, communities I recommend eventually.

Everything else I’ve worked on is under the hood so it’s not made public yet. Once it’s done and linked and everything, I post all the minor updates on via Twitter, so go right on ahead and follow me or you can check them on my sidebar. I want this site to be done soon! More drawing, less coding!

Thank you for visiting! Till next time.
Sweet dreams,