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Slice of Mind Cake Comics

Slice of Mind Cake Comics published on No Comments on Slice of Mind Cake Comics

Thank you for everyone who replied to my twitter! I’ve decided to work on an autobiography comic. Morjib and I were talking about it and she decided to work on her own series while I was hesitant about it. It’s super biased since it’s going to be purely MY perspective of my life, and man oh man the can of worms I will open about myself…. Once she starts posting hers, we’ll be link affiliates since we share the whole “Japanese culture clashing with the US and vise versa” situation, with drastically different outcomes because we’re polar opposites in many ways and that’s what’s great about our friendship. I was only going to focus on that specific topic, but I wouldn’t be able to avoid talking about my family, and that leads to a long rant so only for anyone that’s curious. I rated this series as high as an A-rating in my system because there’s a LOT of messed up shit including racism, TMI sexual topics and violence so it’s not for everyone.

I’m still tweaking this website along so please tell me if anything goes weird! It’ll help me tremendously.

As usual, minor updates are posted on TWITTER.

Thank you for visiting! Till next time.
Sweet dreams,
-Sires Jan Black