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One Step Forward

One Step Forward published on No Comments on One Step Forward

One Step Forward

One Step Forward published on No Comments on One Step Forward
Closer to the edge? Naw, more like one small step as an artist, one giant leap for my career!
Don’t worry John, at least a good handful of people are just as excited to finally finish reading about your inevitable doom.

I’m HOPING I can squeeze in LSD:DEFC pages in my schedule, but honestly I’m already living off of aspirin, caffeine, and lack of sleep as it is, don’t be too upset if I have to miss an update here or there from now on. Currently I work at least 5 to 6 hours a day from Monday through Thursday at a wholesale importing and exporting auto parts office doing accounting, sales, computers and other technical support for the entire office devices, translation, and a supervisor. I’m also working at home on the side as an illustrator (more like an image editor) for a local entertainment studio. Then I have to take care of my parent’s finances and debt issues, and so far I have 2 Youtube video title card illustration projects running, and a lot, I mean over 600 WIP illustrations in my WIP folder (it gets bigger on it’s own I swear!), and I have the tumblr ask-box messages to reply, and not to mention the 2 web comic series YNA and LSD:DEFC. Also not counting the practice sketches and pen and ink drawings, story scripts and brainstorming for other one shots and series I’ll be working on in the future.

What have I done to my self?! I know there’s a lesson that has to be learned but the only thing I get from it is that I need to hone my time management skills. I do believe this is that time of life you just HAVE to go through and be done with before you could get to the good part, so I’m holding on to my limes as hard as I can. Gotta get my cherry limade!

I would love to switch to drawing full time, but frankly, it doesn’t pay off my bills and my student loans quite yet. I want to work on my comics and be able to upload it WAY more frequently, but I suck at making profit from my works. I am putting this cute little donation box here and placed the widget on couple other pages, so if you want to kindly support my comics and artworks, I would very much appreciate it :D I seriously want to launch a graphic software tips and tricks and downloadable custom made textures and pens I’ve made and I use, and it’ll definitely open up time for me to do so.

Also after 8 months, I FINALLY had time to doodle and chat/hang out with people on my Livestream the other day and… damn did I MISSED IT! Thank you ALL, so much, including those who’ve stopped by to say hi, joined in the chat, stayed at the audience seats, and stayed up until the wee hours the night or day despite being on a weekday. I had a blast and hope you all did so too. Thank you so much again! I’ll be posting the glorious images we’ve made in the sketches page and on tumblr soon.

That’s it for now!

Thank you for visiting! Till next time.
Sweet dreams,

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